A Google Virtual Tour consists of panoramic images that take users through the physical storefront of a business. These tours are a virtual representation of any business. They help in enhancing the local search rankings, expanding the audience as well as building trust among the customers. It is a vital technique for getting found online.

Some of the benefits of Google Virtual Tours on your business are the following -

  • Google Virtual Tour helps to bring in more customers to your door.
  • A complete Google Business Profile tends to rank higher on Google Maps as well as other searches. Adding Google Virtual Tour to your page is a great way to enhance the keywords rankings.
  • A virtual tour is useful to keep the users involved with the content of the website.
  • It provides your customers with a proper behind-the-scenes look and helps them feel more comfortable.
  • Google Virtual Tours are a cost-effective way of promoting any business. It enables keeping your business digitally open and accessible at all times.
  • Tablets and mobile devices are now extremely important to help people find your business online. Virtual tours provided by Google have been optimised for mobile devices.

Let us look at a few creative ways to increase college enrolment -

  • SEO - One of the most creative ways to increase college enrolment is focusing on search engine optimization (SEO). It includes enhancing your college’s website for increasing its visibility in search engines, as well as for the words and phrases connected with your site. Make sure to acquire links to your website from partners, local companies, as well as other sites. This strategy will surely attract visitors to your college.
  • Content Marketing – With effective content marketing, you can boost the website’s authority and reach out to more potential students. Content marketing involves the usage of articles, blogs as well as videos, infographics and also other forms of content to educate people interested in your college. An effective content marketing strategy enables widening the audience with the production of informative and relevant content that will bring more people to your website.
  • Social Media - Social media networks are also one of the creative ways to increase college enrolment. Through interaction on social media, your college will look more responsive. You can utilise social media for making any major announcements about your college and programmes.
  • Pay-per-click advertising - PPC advertising helps you select the keywords and phrases needed to boost your ads.  One of the key advantages of PPC is that you can get instant results are instant, and you are able to reach a targeted audience. When your ads are clicked to go live, they will begin to drive traffic to your website. So, if you are looking for creative ways to increase college enrolment, PPC is an excellent way to increase the awareness about your college.
  • Email marketing – It is one of the affordable and creative ways to increase college enrolment. Prospective students can be encouraged to sign up on the website and get email updates. You can also follow up with the targeted information as per their interests. Encourage the students to submit an application and also automate email marketing. 

A Google Virtual Tour is an influential method to get more customers right through the front door of the business. They provide more than just a simple glance around a business. There are a number of ways this marketing tool can help the business be successful and grow. College virtual tours are also one of the creative ways to increase college enrolment. Effective virtual tours provided by Google are able to attract new customers to a business using the same technology that is used by Google Maps.